Inrico TM-7 3G/WiFi Mobile Network Radio

The Inrico TM-7 is the first mobile network POC Radio. It’s great for Zello, Team Speak 3 / IRN and Echolink via 3G or WiFi

Are you looking for two way radios? You just found the best radio shop! What if you could have a walkie talkie app on your phone? Let us introduce you the best walkie talkie app ever made: Zello is walkie talkie app for android, iphone, IOS and there is also zello for PC. This radio-like smartphone has a PTT that will key up the transmitter. As far as you have a dataplan or a WiFi connection, then you have yourself a two way walkie talkie app with worldwide range. First, download the Zello app. Then, just press your zello PTT button and you will be heard! You can have 1-to-1 private communications, or 1-to-many communications on a private zello channel. There are also many public zello channels, with different purposes, around the world. Some hamradio RF networks are connected to Zello private channels. With such, if you are a licensed ham, then you can stay online with zello and have QSO’s with your ham friends. There are many zellos worldwide. Would you like to become one?

Welcome to the Zello PTT walkie talkie world!
■Intelligent GSM intercom + stereo speakers
■ GPS + Compass precise navigation and positioning
■ Military quality
■ Music
■ Video
■ Browser
■ Google search and Maps
■ Navigation

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